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You want to repair, refurbish or overhaul your electronic payment terminal?
We have everything you need in the way of spare parts, accessories and electronic payment equipment.

COVID-19 Accessories

To help tackle the current COVID-19 pandemic, Codexim has a range of protection accessories for stores and retailers so they can protect both their customers and employees, as well as maintaining their devices in the long term and safeguarding their brand image. 

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Spare parts for bank equipment

Practically all the products from every manufacturer's catalogue needed to deploy and maintain your bank terminals are available from Codexim.

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Peripheral devices

Cradles and PIN pads are handled by users on a daily basis and are not easy to repair. Many of these products on the market are available from Codexim.

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Many of the accessories designed by manufacturers, by Codexim or its partners can enhance the maintenance packages available for their clients, protecting the payment terminals, making it easier to use them and bolstering their security.

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RJ, USB, coiled or straight, serial connections or proprietary connectors… Codexim can help you choose the right equipment
for your electronic payment systems.

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Spare parts for the transport sector

Codexim has acquired a great deal of expertise in managing spare parts for the payment equipment aboard buses, tramways, metros and used at motorway toll gates, manufactured as part of unique production processes.

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Cleaning products

Codexim has an extremely broad range of environmentally friendly and chemical cleaning products (for both proddtive and curative use) for electronic payment devices and on-board ticket checking machines.

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Payment terminal mounts

High-end SpacePole mounts, specifically and ergonomically designed for each payment terminal, hold them in place together with PIN pads, ensuring that they can be accessed by all users in stores and retail chains.

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