The Codexim Concept

For more than 35 years, Codexim has been lending its experience and expertise to stakeholders operating in the electronic payment, transport and petroleum sectors.

Logistics expertise

255 m² of stock made up of 1300 spare parts – the equivalent of 3 to 6 months of sales, seamlessly managed by the logistics team.

Quality assured

Products delivered in perfect condition, packaged on demand and rigorously selected to meet your needs.

Express distribution 

An optimally designed organisational structure and numerous partnerships with various transport companies so you receive your orders within 24 to 48 hours.

Bespoke when needed

Exemplary business and partner relationships, based on our listening to your needs and adapting.

The sectors we work with

With a network of some 3000 clients, we've become the preferred electronic payment partner of stakeholders operating in numerous business sectors









We build personalised, long-term relationships with each client, sharing our comprehensive product knowledge with them, listening to their requirements and adopting a dynamic approach to supporting them as they fit out their workshops.


Responsiveness and the ability to look ahead are the backbone of Codexim. We are well aware that our parts are vital for our clients' work and are needed ever more urgently. Our teams therefore go to every effort to reply to requests as soon as possible, and this is made possible by ongoing dialogue with our manufacturer partners.

Social responsibility

We are aware of the social and environmental responsibilities that we have as a company, and so Codexim adheres to the principles of sustainable development, combining economic efficiency, social engagement and a commitment to protecting the environment.

Our Commitments

As part of its drive to be a socially responsible company, minimise its environmental footprint and engage in business practices that are sustainable for the planet and for future generations, Codexim has implemented the following initiatives:
  • Only recycled paper is used • 2004
  • Wastepaper is collected for recycling • 2004
  • Locally-produced packaging materials made of expanded corn are used • 2004
  • Paper towelling is made of recycled paper • 2005
  • Packing boxes are made of recycled cardboard • 2005
  • Polypropylene adhesive tape uses water-based glue • 2006
  • Pens are refillable • 2007
  • Workstations are completely turned off in evenings and over weekends • 2008
  • Provider of 100% renewable electricity: Enercoop • 2009
  • Used cardboard boxes are recycled • 2010
  • An ethical, socially-responsible and solidarity-based bank is used: Crédit Coopératif • 2011
  • Fully electric Smart vehicle acquired • 2012
  • Office waste eliminated, signed up to the TerraCycle programme • 2013
  • Printer cartridges and wastepaper are collected and recycled (Recy’go, in partnership with La Poste) • 2016
  • Building is in compliance with the “RT 2012” thermal regulation • 2015
  • Rechargeable hybrid propulsion vehicle acquired • 2018

From the beginnings to today

CODEXIM: COmponents EXport – IMport


Codexim founded, specialised in conducting research and in supplying electronic components


ISO 9002 quality certified


Codexim becomes a distributor of
spare parts for Ascom Monétel payment terminals


Codexim becomes a distributor and authorised stockist of spare parts for Ingenico payment terminals


Becomes a member of Concert, now the Association du Paiement (Payment Association)


Codexim becomes a distributor and authorised stockist of spare parts for Verifone payment terminals


Relocates from Massy to more functional and spacious premises in Villejust


Codexim and Ingenico launch their web store


Codexim becomes a distributor and authorised stockist of spare parts for PAX payment terminals and cash registers

The team

A moderately-sized organisational structure

Our Premises

Space that is arranged so that information can circulate optimally and orders can be effectively processed.

An open-plan office

designed based on our processing chain so that information can be exchanged as fluidly as possible

A 255 mbespoke stock area

adapted to our business as wholesalers 

Classification by aisle and part type

for high-quality, accurate order-picking 

Direct access to outdoors

for deliveries and pallet shipments 

An informal area

decorated in Codexim's colours 

A spacious meeting room

for working together as a group